Ingersgaaard Rental Conditions

Rental Agreement

The rental agreement, which has been submitted, confirms the agreement between the tenant and Ingersgaard Tømrer & Maler, hereinafter referred to as the landlord.
The rental agreement includes the apartment, as described on the website.
Upon payment, the tenant declares to understand the entire contents of the rental conditions.
The tenant, named on the contract, considered to be legally responsible for the agreement and declares to be 18 years old and to be of legal age.

The lease

The apartment must be occupied by the number of persons described in the rental agreement and only within the described period of time, a minimum of 2 days.
Tents and caravans are not permitted.
Start and end dates for the rental contract are dependent on the ferry schedule and is therefore agreed in connection with the conclusion of the contract.
The stay is based on self catering, and also the tenant should bring toilet paper, duvet covers, pillow cases, sheets, towels and tea towels.

Final Cleaning

Final cleaning is mandatory and normally carried out by the landlord. Payment is in addition to the rental agreement.
If the tenant wishes to conduct the final clean, please notify the landlord before the end of the rental period.
Final cleaning, in this case, must be completed within 1 hour before departure time so that checks could be made by the landlord and tenant jointly.
The tenant is, in the entire rental period, committed general cleanliness of the apartment and the used outdoor areas.
These must, upon departure, be left in a clean condition.
Furniture and accessories must be returned in the same condition as at arrival.
If necessary, additional cleaning will be performed at the tenant's expense.

Final cleaning by the tenant covers:

  • Emptying the waste
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Wiping the tables
  • Cleaning the kitchen sink
  • Emptying and cleaning the refrigerator
  • Vacuum cleaning and washing of the floors

Cleaning supplies are provided for the purpose.

Damage and defects

The tenant is in charge of everything belonging to the holiday home, and is obliged to compensate all damages, caused by the tenant himself.
This means damages to the apartment and furnishings during the stay.
Should there be any damage during the rental period, the tenant is obligated to immediately notify the landlord.
Damage not notified before departure from the apartment will be repaired at the tenant's expense.
Damage occurring during the rental period will be rectified immediately, however, normal delivery must be expected.
The tenant is responsible for the given key, and will bear the cost of locksmith and production of up to 2 sets of new keys if the key has been lost.

Pets and smoking

For everyone to get a good experience (including allergies), pets and smoking, in the apartment, is not allowed.


The landlord shall not be liable for pests (ant, wasps, flies, mice, earwigs, etc.) in or near the holiday apartment.


The apartment is insured by the landlord against fire.
The landlord has not taken out any insurance to cover injuries which may occur to the tenant and his companion during the rental.
Nor is there insurance cover for any. damage to the tenant and / or his companion's belongings.
Burglary during the stay is not covered by the landlord's insurance.


Damage and defects in the rented apartment must be reported in writing to the landlord within 48 hours of tenancy.
If there are any complaints related to the cleaning, the landlord must be notified immediately upon occupation.

Force Majeure

The landlord assumes no liability resulting from common force majeure, strike, natural and environmental disasters, construction noise, ferry delays, etc.
or other circumstances, which the landlord has no influence on.


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